2001 - West USA Ntnl. Park Tour
(06.2004, 44 Pictures)


Montana – Glacier NP

One of most beautiful National Parks we saw! Wonderful hiking territory. Would go back anytime :-)

Meadows at Glacier NP
Great scenic view (day 1)
Superb hiking (day 2)
Superb hiking (day 2)
Cloudy sky at sunset
Amazing sunset!
On the road to Wyoming

Wyoming – Yellowstone NP

Pros: Yellowstone is the most fotogenic NP we visited. Shot tons of fotos! Cons: Average hikes and crowded.

Morning glory pool
Heart Spring Geyser
These colored bacterial mats create unbelievable vistas.
These colored bacterial mats create unbelievable vistas.
These colored bacterial mats create unbelievable vistas.
Hot spots in the soil killed off those trees.
Looks like abstract art (bacterial mat).
Looks like abstract art (bacterial mat).

Wyoming – Grand Teton NP

Excellent park for mountaineering and mountain hiking. We stayed too short (two nights) and moved on to less rainier territory.

Grand Teton skyline at sunset

Colorado – Dinosaur NM

Mighty dinosaur bone!
Tree silhouette

Utah – Arches NP

My favourite park in Utah. The rock formations create an alien, dreamlike scenery, almost like a Dali painting.

Rock climbing at Arches NP
Scenic rocks
Arches NP
Scenic view at Arches NP

Utah – Zion NP

Some nice hikes there. Too bad it was mostly cloudy, so I don't have too many great pics.

Zion NP
Overview of Zion NP with Angels Landing on the right.
Yum yum! Great camping-desert!

More impression from Utah

Bryce Canyon NP
Hike at Capitol Reef NP
Mud in the sun (Natural Bridges NM)
Utah outback
Utah outback

Nevada – Great Basin NP

Highly UNDER-rated NP. This nice park has almost no visitors, features some impressive caves and, in summer, you can hike up to Wheeler Peak (almost 4000m) and enjoy the view over the Great Basin.

Interesting trees on the way to Wheeler Peak.
Wheeler Peak from below
Heading upwards :-)

California – Yosemite NP

This park has great hikes and vistas and is a classic destination for climbers. Watch out for food-seeking bears. Cons: the main areas and campgrounds are very crowded. Pros: the situation is much nicer on the trails.

The famous El Capitan.
A fallen giant.
Home sweet home (tent).
Going up at the back side of Half Dome.
View from Half Dome with Yellowstone valley below.


The (southern) Oregon outback.
A nice day in the sun.
Peaceful solitude.
Truly in the middle of nowhere!
The famous 'Colored Hills'
Impression from a day hike through the forests below Mt. Hood.