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Past Projects

 A selection of past projects.

An extensible tool platform for integrating a stack of engineering tools from the embedded space

The project is integrating a stack of ca. 50 engineering tools (C/C++ back-end, X11 & Swing based front-ends, approx. 6m LOC) into a customized Eclipse IDE. I successfully served the project for 13 months as the on-site Eclipse consultant. My responsibilities included consulting on architecture & implementation (Eclipse know-how, UI guidelines, best practices), conception of critical extension points together with peers, review of use-cases, designs & code, Eclipse training and coaching of other team members and implementation work.

Logo - Build on Eclipse

A visual business process modeling tool using the Graphical Editing Framework (GEF)

I was responsible for kick-starting the project, the initial architectural design & prototypical implementation (editor, 2D-visuals, layout algorithm) and GEF coaching of peer developers (GEF, MVC, Undo/Redo, Eclipse Best Practices).


Logo - Build on Eclipse

An SDK for developing embedded control-units for a leading automotive supplier

Designed and implemented a domain-specific editor for EMF-Models (involving Editors, Perspectives, Views, Actions) which was integrated into the SDK. I also performed extensive code- and architectural reviews with a focus on Eclipse & Java best practices.


Logo - Build on Eclipse

A custom C/C++ IDE based on Eclipse

The project developed a custom C/C++ IDE on top of the Eclipse C/C++ Development Toolkit (CDT) for an embedded hardware vendor. I was chiefly responsible for the integration of the command-line tool chain (compiler, linker, assembler). I developed the project structure & related wizards, the UI for the tool options, the makefile generation and the integration of the build-time error messages.


Logo - Build on Eclipse

The "Shapes" Example for the Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework

The example demonstrates how to implement a simple graphical editor based on the Graphical Editing Framework (GEF). It makes excellent training material for developers getting started with GEF. The code is part of the official "GEF Examples" since October 2004.


Screenshot - GEF-Shapes

An Eclipse plug-in for modeling & generating portable object-oriented interfaces (master's thesis)

The software provides a graphical tool for modeling programming interfaces which generates a template-based C++ implementation. The Java-based software is integrated seamlessly into the Eclipse IDE and is built on top of GEF and CDT.

(html)Slides, Thesis (in German)

Screenshot - Wrapper Facade Plugin

Website-Generator & based on XML-technologies

Conceived and developed a Website-Generator using XML-technologies and Java. The generator allows to separate the content (XML) from the resulting presentation (HTML and CSS which are generated via XSLTs). The result is a very consistent website that requires minimal effort for content updates.


3-tier Webshop with Java-technologies (Student Project)

Conceived and implemented an tiered web-shop with Servlets (business logic), JSPs (presentation) and a DB2 database running on the Websphere Application Server.


Servlet Assignments for the Client/Server Lab 2000 at the University of Tübingen

The insights gained in the webshop project were used to design two hands-on assignments for the Client/Server lab. During the exercises students had the opportunity to learn about Servlets, JSPs and Applet-Servlet interaction. The assignments were also reused in the following years

(html)Grundlagen der Programmierung von Servlets und JavaServerPages

Servlet-JSP Interaction

UBChecker for Mobile Devices

A software to query a library account at the University of Tübingen from a mobile phone. It shows information about your loaned books, reservations and your account balance. UBChecker runs on J2ME-enabled devices, like mobile phones and PDAs.

Screenshots - UBChecker on a Nokia phone